Line manager – the recruiter of today

How does your current hiring process work? Is it driven by strictly divided responsibilities and tasks? Operations, finance and senior management is focusing on strategy ? Line management puts that into headcount needed – and HR then starts to find the right talent to meet growth aspirations for the next fiscal year ? Sounds to me very re-active. In our latest research on Linkedin we found out, that 9 out of 10 really like to hear from you as a company. So far – so good.

But what is the right approach in reaching out to talents? We found out as well, that two-thirds of potential candidates are more likely open to respond, if they have been previously social engaged with you.That translates into the question you should ask yourself as a manager – are you really social?

Have you implemented it into your own recruiting strategy? If not – you should. To give you a bit of background and credibility. I am hiring as a line manager in a highly competitive environment for about 3 1/2 years. Dublin as the place of most of technology EMEA headquarters is growing rapidly in inside sales organizations, and therefore is in a high need of the best talent with the best skills. Waiting for talent acquisition to fill my seats would simply not work. Here is what I did.

Build up your personnel brand – but make it a strategy

I bet most of you would claim that you´re socially active on networks and media. But just simply having a facebook account for family and friend interactions and a Linkedin account for business purposes does not mean that your social. Have you ever looked at the word NETWORKING differently? It is the combination of Net (platform) and WORK (action). What I mean by that is, when you want to build up your digital brand which is key for hiring strategy of today, you have to put time and effort into it – and this means work. Pushing the like button or sharing something that you rather not have read before won´t help here. For all the work you have to do, you put time aside in your calendar. My advise is, do exactly the same for social media activity. Make it as a recurring event in your calendar. You need to have at least 2,5 hours for this per week, which means 30 min per day. Use the time for reading your timeline thoroughly. Interact with your connections on the basis of the content they shared and leave relevant comments which really show that you agree or disagree. Use news aggregators like google alerts, google news, flipboard or pulse to automate finding the content that you are interested in and you want to share. But always combine it with a personnel statement, because it is about your social identity and opinion. When you put 2,5 hours aside per week, you can even start blogging. This is work as well, I know – but it is now part of your strategy. You are all experts here – I bet there is a lot content and personnel views what makes you even more interesting to talk to.

Now you have a brand – what can you do with it

To me this is key and a change in recruiting strategy. Line managers must have a behavioral mind shift from re-active to co-active sourcing. You want to have the best talent for your team ? Go for it to find them. Linkedin offers you an excellent toolkit to find them easier than ever. The Next Gen Recruiter is such a simple and effective tool – it easily can transform a hiring manager into a successful sourcer. „We want to make the world´s professionals more productive and successful“ is the Linkedin mission and here it comes into reality. This is not a sales pitch – it is simply my reality and pragmatic approach. Line Manager and Talent Acquisition must build up a team to seamlessly streamline hiring processes to be faster and more efficient. This has a considerable impact of time to hire and quality of hire. Both sides have there expertise and hiring managers of today are needed to warm up the leads in HR´s pipeline. According to Gallups strengths based leadership, people follow a leader because of trust, compassion, stability and hope. This is exactly what your personnel brand should reflect in your digital identity because employees of today are motivated by soft skills and empathy. They are not looking for a job – they are looking for a purpose. The hiring manager can set the scene as he is able to to bring in a high level of credibility and trust while starting the process.

What are your thoughts on this? Tell me how you do it.L


Content vs. Distribution

I have never read so much different articles in my life before. Articles from newspapers, magazines, blogs, forums, groups and whatever. It is amazing. Never had such a huge data consumption before, never been informed and uptodate like this. The internet is the perfect platform for getting content right at the moment when I need it. Years ago the public library was my source of truth. And for sure – I liked this quiet environment with this aristocratic touch of education. But what I liked more, was to discuss and share the information. It was the starting point of standing behind a topic, to defend it and to increase the wider, holistic view on someting. To win or lose but mostly to enjoy the benifit of debating about it. Because content is one thing – but the individual view on it makes it alive and interesting. It is about your identity.

I enjoy persons with a strong attitude having an opinion on something. No matter if it is mine or not. Today I can get my desired content on many ways. Mainly pro-actively adjusting my google news (rss-feeds before), newsletter subscriptions or timeline. But what really is enriching the source of content is yours. The one I was not aware of and I would never have found it – unless you shared it with me. The real winning situation about spreading information and content is to share it. Which you do, I am sure. But – the question is, how do you see yourself with the content you share? What is the story behind the story? Why did you share exactly this article? Because you work in marketing and you are interested in that specific topic? Fine. You work in IT, you support an NGO or a political party? Perfect. I really admire that you gave me a view on it. Or at least you shared the content. But what you have missed and an increasing number of people is missing as well is – what is your view on it? How do you think about this content? Something what comes up into your mind which is especially important about this article? Something you agree or disagree on? Or most important – have you even read it?

Are you giving content, real content, or are you just a distributor? When you want to work on and design your digital identity, you really should have one. It is not only about just sharing something which I am grateful about, it as about telling me – the world, what is your view on it. This is what I describe as real content. So next time, please do me a favour and tell me in the comment field, why the content you shared was important to you and let me know your thoughts on it. This is how content works. Don´t be just a distributor – be a content creator.

The power of #hashtags

Finally the co-Operation of LiebnerZapple Project and fjuz made a new song covering the social media topic of hashtags in a freaky crossover version. Official living-room-dub mix. Made in Dublin, Ireland. Check out the video.

As well available on soundcloud. We had fun.

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