I hate the Internet

I Hate the InternetI Hate the Internet by Jarett Kobek
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

To me it is a book which rides a bit on wave. Compared to the overall internet hype in the book. Yes – it is absolutely and brutally honest. It smashes directly into the face. It is finger pointing to millennials gives a warning as well what could happen in times of fake news and alternative facts. But it is not reading which makes fun. It is disruptive in using short chapters and clipped words. It repeats the same joke about eumelanin over and over as a technique which is after chapter 20 getting boring. It is an evil book which does not stop before Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, the Bush family, Twitter, you tube, google or instagram. If you like evil books, you should read it. I think the book must have been brilliant if the author would have known, that Trump will be the next president. I would love to read his comment on this.

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facebook and the antique algorithm

I recently left my facebook account on stand bye. Not because I don’t like social media, I certainly do.

It was more about that I did not find the content in my news feed which I wanted to read. Even when I

regularly cleared up my friends list, adjusted security or sharing options or blocked and unfollowed “friends”

I missed the content of my real friends.

I found this article which exactly describes the source of the problem.  The status of friendships in reality

does not follow the algorithm of facebook. The intensity of social engagement changes over the years

of being connected. I am pretty sure that Mark Zuckerberg and his developers will find a solution for it

and will create a new code based an all the data they collected. But it will be tricky. During this time I am

prefering the intuitive usage of twitter and instagram (which is facebook too, I know – but it is beautiful simple)

and wait for improvement.

Here is the article.


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