I want to express my concern

I am an eighties guy. When I was a teenager the world was full of egomaniac leaders like Leonid Breschnew, Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher. I remember when once Ronald Reagan hosted a press conference. During a microphone check just right before the conference he said “to all Russians – we begin bombing in 5 minutes.” It was during the peak of the cold war. In these times everybody of my generation felt kind of depressed and unsafe. Even without any platform like internet and social networks the danger of an atomic war was everywhere. It was in the news, it was in art and culture, it was in movies like “the day after” and it was in pop music. Famous music videos like “dancing with tears in my eyes” from Ultravox or “ overkill” from Men at work all the time made us aware of what could happen, if influential world leaders do not act calm and sensible. The fact of “overkill” is one of the most ridiculous things mankind could ever create. It describes the possibility of how many times nations could destroy the population of our whole planet and we still have it. In the eighties Russian and American missiles would have been able to kill 100 Billion people with a total population of around 4-5 billion. So roughly a 20x overkill.

Why I am writing this? Well – during that time I was of the opinion that it could not come even worse. How nuts can an US-president be, saying those words even if it was a microphone check?

Now I am looking into the world of today. I see an antidemocratic Russian president like Mr. Putin. I see protectionism and far right parties growing in Europe, I see dictators like Kim Jong Un and Baschar al-Assad oppressing their people AND – I am again experiencing an US president who exactly acts like we haven´t learnt anything out of the past 30 years. I never ever would have thought that people of the twenty first century are again discussing of a construction of a wall? Seriously? We just overcame one some years ago. I am experiencing a president who favours torture and oppression and who is neglecting any kind of climate change. A president, who wants to isolate his country in the age of globalism and who closes his borders to immigrants and people seeking for protection as they are persecuted and discriminated because of their race or religion. Is this really true? I can´t believe. During the disgusting election campaign I still thought that it will be going to be okay after everybody is getting back to reality and that people will become serious again. Apparently I was wrong reflecting the last week.

What can I do as an individual? I can shout it out loud that I do not agree. I can express that I am concerned. I can write a blog about it using large platforms to spread the word and connect to others, who feel concerned as well. We should not remain silent – we must raise our voices early that we do not agree what is going on.

I simply wanted to say – that I am concerned, Mr. Trump.

Feel free to share, spread the word and to comment. Don´t stay silent. Hashtag is #Ifeelconcerned


About monissen
- raised up analogue - arrived in the digital age - now working in Berlin - living in Bremerhaven - lived and worked in Dublin, Ireland - the heart of IT, and fell in love - lived and fell in love in and with Andalusia before - born in Northern Germany, Eckernförde - affinity for lyrics in general - like reading - like running - enjoying life

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