The T-Shirt Factor, or how Rock’n Roll is your Company ?


Quick thing which came into my mind. What´s your t-shirt history ? Can you remember it? I do. When I was fourteen or fifteen or so, I desperately wanted to have a black tour t-shirt from my favorite rock band AC/DC – Back in Black. I saved all my pocket money to get it and when I finally have been able to buy and wear it, you can hardly imagine how absolutely proud I was. From my point of view from that day on, I was the coolest guy on the schoolyard ever. This shirt meant so much to me, because it was the ultimate expression of my hard rock feeling. That fact that my parents did not like it, convinced me even more. Additionally to that, it was as well an expression to belong to a specific group of people who had the right sense of music – in my opinion. The t-shirt was our common sense, a movement and our way, to see and recognize ourselves in the streets of my hometown. Long story short – wearing this shirt was not just a piece of garment – it was a belief.

Over the years the t-shirts and its messages changed. I remember names and bands like Motörhead, Depeche Mode or Pearl Jam – I even called a Che Guevara * shirt my own. The latest ones have been Cake and The Eeels. But apart from that, I increasingly noticed, that I am wearing a Linkedin t-shirt more and more often. Having a look at my suitcase for my next business trip and realizing what kind of clothes I considered to carry with me, I experienced that some Linkedin t-shirts are my natural choice. And this brings me to the beginning of my post. Why is that so?

The answer is that my current employer is an employer, who gives me a feeling of being proud as well. It is the same story like with my AC/DC t-shirt. I am part of something meaningful to me. Something where I can find a purpose and where I am part of group, which thinks the same way I do. It is a natural human desire wanting to belong to something. I feel privileged and it makes me happy that I am not the only one. Where ever I see people in public wearing a shirt of the company they work for I do think, that this should be considered as an index for a strong employer brand as well. Our talent brand index provides you a strong analytical view on how you are positioned among your competitors – but what is about the t-shirt factor? Not seriously asking, but do you know where I am coming from?

Do you wear with proud a t-shirt of your company just because you like it? Just because it makes you feel of being part of something big? What is your t-shirt story?

* – I used to play a song with my band on that topic as well


About monissen
- raised up analogue - arrived in the digital age - now working in Munich - living in Bremerhaven - lived and worked in Dublin, Ireland - the heart of IT, and fell in love - lived and fell in love in and with Andalusia before - born in Northern Germany, Eckernförde - affinity for lyrics in general - like reading - like running - enjoying life

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