Don´t read this without a booze – Post Office by Charles Bukowski

This book is massively destructive. It makes you want to have some booze straight away. If you read it while commuting to work, it may occur that you want to quit your job, cause you start questioning the sense of what your are doing for years to pay your bills.
But surprisingly, it is positive. Cause it reminds you on your real dreams you carried around with you and encourages you to take action on it. Otherwise you end up as many of the characters you meet in this book.
In 1987, I was really at the starting point of my professional career and in my first job, I watched “Barfly” with Mickey Rourke. This film about Henry Chinaski excited me so much that I bought the VHS video tape straight away. From that day on I literally watched it daily, sometimes only for some only for some sequences. It is probably not the best idea to have this film as your favorite at the start of your professional life, but it helped me since now, not to take myself, positions or the job itself to take too seriously, as there should be more in life.
This book (and the film) is really worth reading. I should have read it much earlier. But that´s me. That´s my part of being Henry Chinaski.


About monissen
- raised up analogue - arrived in the digital age - now working in Munich - living in Bremerhaven - lived and worked in Dublin, Ireland - the heart of IT, and fell in love - lived and fell in love in and with Andalusia before - born in Northern Germany, Eckernförde - affinity for lyrics in general - like reading - like running - enjoying life

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