House Viewing – Dublin Area – Some Tips

Today being out the whole day for house viewings, provided as a service by my employer. Had organized before on my own on which
is the main webpage for finding lettings. They all have been disgusting. This day was quite better and the properties have been mostly lovely. For having the possibility to be on the one hand close to beaches, bull island, green and nature because of the dogs, I decided to concentrate on the North Regions. But as I have to work in the Eastpoint Business Park which is in Dublin 3 I definitely needed a good connection to public transport (DART, LUAS, Dublin Bus).
However, as a dog owner you not easily find offers for lettings were pets are allowed.
Altogether I saw today 8 houses located in Clontarf, Malahide, Donabate and Belgriffin. At the end, Belgriffin was the favorite one and I now have to go into negotiations.

As a pre-requisite for renting a house you need a PPS-number which you get at PPS office in the centre near O´Connel Street. Surely you need a bank account and sometimes a letter of prove from your employer.
Additional to the cost of the rental you should keep in mind the following extra costs.

– garbage bin – 160 Euro per year only for the bin. 8,50 Euro for each collecting. You have to buy stickers in a local store an put it on a bin – if not, it won´t be emptied.

– communication fee or TV-License – as well 160 Euro per year, collected and paid by post office or via Internet. Even if you don´t have a TV.

– Electricity and gas – depends on your consumption, but approx. 120 Euro per month

– Water – can´t believe is free, but government is planning to charge it in 2014

– Internet – between 30-50 Euro per month. Depends if you buy sky tv channels as well

So – let´s see how negotiation are going. By the way. Mostly the prices announced by agents are
not fixed and there is some room for bargaining. Maybe the next posting will be from the new home. Hopefully.


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