After 2200 km road trip and 300 miles per ferry I arrived finally in Dublin. Passed beautiful regions of Spain like La Mancha or the Navarra where excellent wine is coming from. Lived to see a difference in temperatures of more than 20 degrees. In the night in San Sebastian we had something like 2 degrees and rain.
San Sebastian and the region around is a beautiful landscape and I was really surprised about the difference of architecture and vegetation compared to Andalusia. Reminds me kind of Switzerland, Bavaria or Austria.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian

In France I passed Bordeaux and La Rochelle. I made a break in Les Boucholeurs which is a little nice town at the Atlantic coast line. It was calm and not overcrowded and dominated by fisher boats and water sports. Picturesque as you can see here and at least for the first day I was lucky with the weather. At the second day there was heavy rain.

Beach of les Boucholeurs

Beach of les Boucholeurs

At the end my faithful Fiat doblo made it to Cherbourg where Oscar Wilde waited to go to Rosslare which is 150 km away from Dublin. The ferry trip was really calm and comfortable. Due to stabilization techniques on board of modern ships you don´t even realize that you are on a ship. After 3 days camping a hot shower was really welcome.

Ferry Oscar Wilde

Ferry Oscar Wilde

Check in process for the dogs went good as well (you have to check in at terminal before queuing
up). The boxes on board look like the ones in animal shelters and it is a challenge for dog owners to leave your pets for more then 17 hours (you can visit them at agreed hours) alone. But at the end it was not so bad.
So now it is Dublin and I did not had much time yet to think about it. I am fully engaged with my new job role. Finding a new house is the next challenge. Let´s see how it works.


About monissen
- raised up analogue - arrived in the digital age - now working in Munich - living in Bremerhaven - lived and worked in Dublin, Ireland - the heart of IT, and fell in love - lived and fell in love in and with Andalusia before - born in Northern Germany, Eckernförde - affinity for lyrics in general - like reading - like running - enjoying life

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