Only two weeks to go

Yesterday a guy from the relocation service came to do kind of evaluation how much meters the company has to pack into the container. As I lived now for two years in a house with existing furniture and I step by step separated things I need or do not need I guess it will be not such a big amount compared to the one I had when moving to Spain. But there are still many things to pack, as you see on the picture. I once had a dream to own not more than things you can put into a wooden chest – but this will remain a dream.
So the next days are full of packing, resigning, doing administrational stuff and not forget about the work and the quarter end.
Can´t describe, but my heart is bleeding kind of while now realizing that I leave Torremolinos. There are two thoughts which are mixed up in my brain and soul. First of all I am very curious and proud being able to do another, exciting role with my company and I am really motivated. But honestly, Andalusia surprisingly really touched me and I felt completely home. This is not only about the weather. It is about the people, the landscape and the culture. As an open minded person I now look forward for the people, landscape and culture of Ireland. Next steps – 25. or 26. April relocation will arrive for packing. 27. April trip to Bilbao via Bordeaux and La Rochelle to Cherbourg. See you soon, Ireland.




About monissen
- raised up analogue - arrived in the digital age - now working in Munich - living in Bremerhaven - lived and worked in Dublin, Ireland - the heart of IT, and fell in love - lived and fell in love in and with Andalusia before - born in Northern Germany, Eckernförde - affinity for lyrics in general - like reading - like running - enjoying life

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